Written by Ehmed Pelda

The Impacts of Power Struggles on the Economy

If a community oriented economy is made functional, the World will witness a new form of civilisation. Since the outset of civilisation, all civilisational stages have been enthralled with conflicts between society, classes and power structures.

No one singular factor can be prioritised in solving or overcoming this crisis. This is because the prominent category has formed its own power mechanisms and shaped its instruments for its own interests. It has been unable to incorporate discrepancies and share all the produced values. This in turn, becomes a platform for the birth of an adversary.

The concept of society does not necessarily constitute a mechanism of will. This is shaped by internal dynamics. What is important is for these dynamics to form mechanisms in which they show understanding to each other, comprehend one another and form a solidarity. When this encompasses all constituent factions of society it will eradicate the phenomenon of a destructive conflict and, consequently, will reshape societal tendencies.

The attribution of such a mission to the economy can realise the previous paragraph. It must be known that this is the source of the initial conflict. In other words, as soon as human communities were able to produce over and above their needs, the basis for conflict came into existence. This is why economic activity is also a stage for power struggles. While pre-civilisational societies upheld mechanisms in which production was motivated by sharing, consumption and protection, this was derailed by forces disconnected from production. The occasional forceful appropriation of production gained permanency. The military as an instrument of force, the bureaucratic structure as an instrument of administration and organisation, professions and engineering as a deployment of equipment and tools and the exploitation of religious, scientific and philosophical apparatus for logic and causality were all utilised in one way or another.

Tribes, slavery, empires and central government have all been differing versions of the same entity. Classes, societies and all categories partaking in international conflicts have accumulated power by appropriating economic resources. This has hit such heights that the human race has even attempted to massacre its own species. Any other species would not even be able to comprehend this. To go even further, in this regard the animal kingdom may be in a better state than human-centric civilisation. Animals are active in accordance with their biological and physical traits; ultimately in accordance with their needs. Sustaining life within an uncontaminated natural setting. Both hunter and huntee maintaining a harmony. The only species that is meddling with this harmony, both inwardly and outwardly, is the human race.


To be continued…