STREET ECONOMY is the exchange of goods and services in the public area. SE offers commercial, artistic goods and services on the street, sidewalk, and public streets, without standing in a fixed space, standing or walking. SE is a micro-scale business. It produces economic and social benefits. It is physical and mental activities. Investment capital is micro-scale. Permission is required or not required, registered or unregistered activities. At a limited level, education is knowledge and skill. It is estimated that 2 billion people in the world are working in the streets.
Street Economy;
1. is an integral part of the life and future.
2. is the externalized basic functions of the market economy.
3. is the repairer of the troubles of the market economy, the remedy of its deficiencies.
4. is the only supplier of low-income citizens.
5. is the safeguard of the market economy and the guarantee of its extended life.
6. is the servant of market economy and automatic motivator.
7. is the largest social, glocal product and service sector.
8. is a guarantee of natural micro-scale agriculture.
9. is a low-cost, primary source of employment.
10. guarantee, low cost, micro scale, mass production and distribution of goods and services.
11. converts multiple to benefit, the aids and supports that have been made to him.
12. is the most common entrepreneurial school.
13. is the easiest entrepreneurial sector with zero bureaucracy in the free market.
14. is the birthplace and living space of entrepreneurial climate.
15. The street economy has been externalized, despised and denied.
16. The special education is the most important problems of StreetPreneurs.
17. Labor value in the street economy is lower than the market economy.
18. Street economy is insecure and unprotected.
19. The street economy should be supported by a special education program.
20. Children and women in the street economy must be protected immediately.
21. Street economy should be taken into health and social security.
22. Product and service quality should be upgraded with effective integration and social internalization of street economy.
23. The street economy should benefit from special financial incentives and consulting incentives.
24. StreetPreneurship should be rewarded and promoted.
The virtual chambers, media platforms, unions and associations of Street Economy should be established.